lyrico-coloratura soprano



Nadia Ponte-Kolesnikova (lyrico-coloratura soprano) was born and raised in Voronezh, Russia. In 2003 Graduated with honors from the vocal faculty of the Voronezh Musical College named by Rostropovich class of Professor Alexandra Tyrzyu.

In 2008 the vocal faculty of the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (with excellent grades) the class of Professor Valentina Solntseva. In 2015, she successfully graduated from the vocal faculty of the State Conservatory Luigi Cherubini in Florence (the class of professors Benedetta Pecchioli, Anna Di Gennaro, Leonardo de Lisi, Massimo Sardi ).

Nadia trained and studied with world-famous singers: Montserrat Caballe (Spain), Éva Marten (Hungary), Luciano Serra (Italy). She is currently working on vocal techniques with Brigitta Eisenfeld (Germany).

Nadia consults and working with the great masters and performers: Gianni Tangucci, Renato Bruson, Chris Merritt, Vladimir Fedoseyev and Dmitry Kitaenko, etc.  Maestro Kitaenko "appreciated" the concert of R. Glier performed by Nadia Ponte-Kolesnikova (written for the coloratura soprano and orchestra).

Photo with Montserrat Caballe (Spain), Chris Merritt (Амерека



Photo with  Éva  Marton (Hungary), Luciana Serra (Italy)




Nadia Ponte-Kolesnikova worked for seven years as a soloist in the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic. During this time, she performed many opera roles and chamber music.

Performer of modern music: romances and songs written by composers contemporaries Vladimir Vovchenko (Russia), Christian Manen (France) and many others. She is one of the few performers of our time, for who the composers specially write and dedicate their works.

She worked as a soloist in the Central Orchestra of the Navy. Rimsky-Korsakov. She performed as a soloist in the Symphony Orchestra. Dunaevsky in Moscow, the symphony orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic, the brass band of Solnechnogorsk, the orchestra of the academy named after. Gnessin, the People's Orchestra. Budashkin and many other well-known collectives. Was repeatedly awarded with scrolls of honor and letters of thanks for high performing skills and professionalism.

Nadia Ponte-Kolesnikova performed at major stages:  Bolshoi Theater,  International House of Music, Kremlin Palace in Moscow; in the theaters of Pisa, Florence, Borgo San Lorenzo, Busetto (the birthplace of Verdi), in the concert hall of the Conservatorio di Musica "Luigi Cherubini" in Florence, in the Concert Hall of Zaragoza (Spain), the concert halls in Hanoi and Hashemina in Vietnam, at the List Academy in Hungary, in the Russian  house of Berlin (Germany) etc.



Nadia is winner of varios awards:

  • Award of the «Young Talent» Award (from the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation 2004);
  • Winner of international Festival «The sun is shining  for all» (2007, Sochi.);
  • Winner of competition «Silver Voice» (2010, Prague);
  • Twice winner of «Dramatique Leopold Bellan» (2012г.-2013г. Paris);
  • For her achievements in vocal  she was awarded the Order «Young talent of Russia» and a silver medal «National Heritage».
  • Repertoire of Nadia is full of works of composers from classical to modern in different languages (Italian, German, Russian, Neapolitan, French and Spanish).

Nadia acts abroad as an opera and concert-chamber singer. The performer of Violetta's parties in "La Traviata", Donna Anna and Donna Elvira in "Don Juan", Gilda in "Rigoletto", Fiordiligi in "Cosi fan tutti", Snow Maiden in "Snow Maiden", Countess in "Le Nozze di Figaro", Mimi and Musette in "Bohemia", Oscar "The Ball-Masquerade", Martha in the "Tsar's Bride", Antonida in "Life for the Tsar", Adele in the "Flying Mouse", Lucia "Lucia di Lammermoor", the Queen of the Night "The Magic Flute", etc.




In the repertoire of Nadia Ponte-Kolesnikova, technically complicated Gliere's concert which is written (for coloratura soprano and orchestra). She performed it repeatedly on concert venues in Italy and Germany. Nadia was the main participant of many concerts in different countries, including Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Vietnam and the Czech Republic.

All performances of the singer have been always accepted by the public with great warmth.

The several radio programs on radio stations are recorded about the singer "Russian Berlin" and on "FunkhausEuropa" at VGRK "Sodruzhestvo" (Voronezh). Nadia also performed on one of the central channels of Rossi NTV, MTV, Muz TV and of course on the first federal channel.

interview with  the radio  «Russian Berlin»

presenter Мaria Krichevskaya

interview with  the radio  «Funkhaus Europa»

presenter Dina Mishina



More than once the music critics wrote about her brilliant performances in the press in Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, highlighted her  vocal and technical mastery.


interview from the magazine "La vida Linda" (New Year`s issue)



During the her artistic career activity  N. Ponte-Kolesnikova more than once received recognition by the rector of the Institute, where she studied, and also from different organizations. Winner of a competition МТV (1999, Moscow), winner of a contest held throughout Russia, "The voice of silver" (2001, Ivanovo), winnerofRussian "Gar-Ptiza," (2002; Ivanovo) winner of theinternationalfestival "Pontiyskayaarena" (2001, Sevastopol), winner ofthecontest "Zvezdopad of Sevastopol" (2001, Sevastopol), winner ofthecontest "Zascitnikiotecestva" (2003; Voroneg). She received the diploma for the best performance of the romance of M. I. Glinka in the contest of song academia, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of M. I. Glinka (2004; Vodnoe), winnerofthe contest of young performers ofpopularmusic "Noviegreedy" (2004, Moscow), winner of the International competition ofyoungperformers " Lirika Smith " (2006, Moscow), winnerofof Moscow International Festivalof Donetz koperasinging "Otchiy Sun " (2006; Moscow), winner of the All-Russian "Molodoe darovanie Rossii "in the category" Vocal Art " (2007, Moscow), winner of the International Competition "Solnzesvetitvsem" (2006 members) winner of the competition - festival of allRussia "Then, RossiaMolodaya" (2007; Moscow), twice winner of the international competition "Krasotaspasetmir" (2007 and 2008, Moscow), winning twice of theAll-Russiacompetition "MolodiedarovaniaRossii" in the category "Singing academic" (2006 and 2007; Moscow), has received an award for the achievement of the artvoice "Molodoe darovanie Rossii" (2007г., Moscow), received a silvermedal "Nazionalnoe dostoyanie" (2009, Moscow), received the special diploma of the Ministry of Culture in International poetry competition "Gyravlinad Rossiey" (2010, Moscow), winner of the international competition "Silver Voice”, 2010 'Prague), winner of the international competition "Leopold Bellan dramatique" (2012 and 2013; Paris).